The Surprising Ways That Whey Protein Powder Could Benefit You

Posted on: 11 September 2015


When many people think of whey protein powder, they assume that it is only used by men looking to increase their muscle mass and bulk up at the gym. These athletes and body builders spend a great deal of time and effort mixing shakes and choosing the best organic grass fed whey protein powder they can find. And while whey protein powder is most often used in adults looking to increase their muscle mass, there are actually many different ways that whey powder can help and benefit you. Get to know some of these surprising benefits of consuming whey protein powder so that you can decide if you should incorporate it into your family's diet.

 Cow Milk Allergy Prevention

If you recently gave birth to a baby, you may worry that your child will develop a food allergy, particularly an allergy to lactose or cow's milk. After all, many children do have a sensitivity or allergy to these common food substances. 

Formulas that include whey protein may actually help to prevent the development of such allergies in your child. In fact, whey protein appears to be one of the best options available for young babies and children to prevent the development of food and skin allergies in general. 

Helping with Diabetes

Whey protein powder, just like any other food or supplement, will have an effect on a person's blood sugar levels when it enters the body. This is particularly true when a person consumes foods high in carbohydrates, which is becoming increasingly common in the United States. Carbohydrates can cause a person's blood sugar to spike, and insulin-deficient diabetics can find themselves struggling to get the right amount of insulin needed to regulate their blood sugar following a meal.

Studies have found that people with diabetes (type II in particular) can benefit from consuming whey protein powder prior to consuming a meal. The whey protein helps to keep the blood sugar levels in the body more balanced. It also helped to increase the production of insulin in the body following such a meal. This means that a person will experience fewer negative effects following a meal and will likely rely less on insulin injections to regulate blood sugar.

Now you have a few ideas of the different ways that whey powder can help you and your family members in your overall health and well-being. Whey protein powder is not just a supplement for body building and intense workouts. It has numerous health benefits as well.