The Mind/Body Connection: Healing Yourself Through Meditation

Posted on: 29 April 2016


If you are suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, or depression, learning ways to cope with these illnesses is important. Relief of symptoms is often found when you try a number of treatments at the same time. Mindfulness is often taught through meditation, and it is one way to learn how manage symptoms and help your body heal from the inside out. When you learn how to connect your mind and body, you will be more in tune with what you need in order to feel better and live your best life.

Deep Breathing Techniques Learned in Meditation

Deep breathing is different than the breathing you do when you are sitting at your computer, driving in the car or cleaning your home. This is a type of breathing that takes concentration, and it involves getting air deep into your lungs. While there are several different techniques used to learn how to breathe deeply, the goal of deep breathing techniques is to learn how to slow down and to provide oxygen throughout your body. Done correctly, deep breathing can lower your blood pressure, lower your heart rate, and significantly decrease anxiety within minutes. This is a useful tool for people that suffer from panic attacks, as deep breathing will help counteract the stress response one has when having a panic attack.

Visualization During Meditation​

Meditation can also involve visualization. When you are in pain, or chronically stressed, it can ease your symptoms to go sit on a beach for the day, relax and read a book. When a beach isn't close by and you don't have time for a trip, visualization can bring on a similar response. Whether the beach is your happy place, or you prefer sitting on a mountain top, you can imagine yourself there through the process of meditation. As you go through the process of a guided visualized session during a meditation class, you will feel the calming effects almost immediately.

The human mind and body are deeply connected, and many people lose sight of the mind's ability to heal the body. Through deep breathing techniques, stretching, visualization and more, you can reduce or eliminate the symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, depression and other ailments that you are dealing with. While meditation may not be your only remedy for better health, it isn't going to hurt you to learn meditation techniques to help you when you aren't feeling your best.