Several Myths About Hemp Oil Refuted

Posted on: 29 November 2016


Medical marijuana has been growing in popularity due to an assortment of benefits that cannabinoids can provide patients with certain medical conditions. In particular, hemp oil has become a common method of delivering these medications, but new patients often have little understanding about these medications. To be you a better-prepared patient, you need to know the truth when it comes to several of the more popular notions regarding hemp oil.

Myth: Hemp Oil Will Get You High

Some patients may be concerned about trying hemp-oil treatments due to fears of these medications having an intoxicating effect. While it is true that marijuana can have powerful narcotic effects, this is not the case for hemp oil. This type of oil is made from industrial hemp, and this particular type of hemp does not contain the chemicals that produce a narcotic effect. Rather, this type of oil is extremely rich in cannabidiol, which can act to reduce pain and discomfort. As a result, patients are free to enjoy the medical benefits of marijuana without having to be subjected to intoxicating effects.

Myth: Hemp Oil Is Consumed By Smoking It

It is commonly assumed that patients will have to consume this medication by smoking it. While this has been the traditional method of consuming marijuana, hemp oil is not designed to be smoked. Rather, it is to be taken directly or mixed into food and drinks. This can make it far easier for patients to create effective and convenient doses of this medicine. The concentrated nature of hemp oil can make it a powerful medication, and this makes it important for new patients to start with very light doses and gradually increase the amount until their symptoms have subsided.

Myth: It Does Not Matter How You Store Your Hemp Oil

A bottle of hemp oil can last some patients for many weeks or months. As a result, it is essential to understand the proper steps for storing this oil. If you fail to properly store the hemp oil, the cannabidiols in it could start to break down, and this may greatly reduce the effectiveness of the hemp oil. To prevent this type of degradation, you should always store the hemp oil in a dark location that experiences fairly stable temperatures. If you choose to place this oil in your kitchen cabinets, make sure that you use cabinets that are away from the stove, as the space inside these cabinets could get hot enough to degrade the hemp oil.

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