How To Use Essential Oils To Improve Mood, Reduce Stress, And Promote Sleep

Posted on: 21 March 2019


The use of essential oils to promote wellness is a natural way to manage your health. Certain scents are great to promote relaxation, reduce stress levels, and improve your overall outlook. While scent is somewhat individualized, there are some commonalities when considering what type of essential oil to use to help you sleep, get focused, or relax. From myrrh oil to lavender and sandalwood, pay attention to how the scent makes you feel and work to find the right combination of essential oils for you.

Use Essential Oil in the Bathtub

If you love soaking in a hot tub after a long day, it's time to see how essential oil can make this an even more enjoyable experience. Use only a few drops of essential oil in the tub the first time to see how you like it. You should take a bath about an hour before bed if you are taking a bath to help you sleep.

Consider an Essential Oil Diffuser

When you don't like to take baths or you want a more consistent odor from essential oils in your home, use a diffuser. The instructions on how to specifically use the diffuser you have purchased will be on the box, but in general, you will add some water and oil to the diffuser. It will then disperse a small amount of essential oil into your room at set intervals.

Use a Homemade Essential Oil Mist

All you need to make a mist of your favorite essential oil is a spray bottle, some essential oil, and some water. Put a cup of water into the spray bottle and add 5-10 drops of the essential oil you want to try. If it's too strong, simply add more water. This spray can be used throughout your home to freshen up the air or lightly on your bed to give your linens a nice odor.

Essential Oils as Perfume

Some people choose to use essential oils on various pressure points on the body. You can use essential oil much like perfume, but make sure the formula you are using has been diluted. Straight essential oil can cause skin irritation and is not recommended. When you have undiluted essential oils you want to use as perfume, add a few drops to a tablespoon of vegetable oil and try that.

The essential oils you ultimately choose as part of your routine to manage stress and improve your mood will be unique to you. Try out different essential oils in a variety of methods to see what works best for you. Contact a local supplier like Ancient Essence INC to get a couple of options to try.