Prolotherapy Can Help Your Rotator Cuff Pain

Posted on: 3 February 2020


Rotator cuff pain can be debilitating. Not only does it affect the way you're able to maneuver throughout the day in terms of your mobility, but it can even affect how well you're able to rest at night. Finding a solution to the discomfort is mission-critical. A lesser-known treatment option, known as prolotherapy, might be just the solution you've been seeking.


Prolotherapy is a reconstructive and regenerative joint injection that is intended to stimulate healing and injury repair to the connective tissue, tendons, and joints affected. It works by prompting the body to produce new tissue, which makes up the reparative aspect of the treatment.

However, the injection also has inflammatory aspects. In some instances, the pain that is experienced with rotator cuff pain is a result of weakened or torn tendons in the area. The inflammatory feature of the treatment can stimulate these tendons. In terms of pain, this process can offer a great deal of comfort while the injection works to repair the damage in the area. 

Proper Diagnosis

This form of treatment is a less aggressive and invasive option for rotator cuff pain. In many instances, this solution can provide comfort and long-term benefits. However, there are instances when the damage to the tendon is extensive and might require a more aggressive approach. 

To ensure that prolotherapy is suitable for your condition, you need to visit a healthcare provider to have your injury or damage officially diagnosed and assessed to ensure that you are an ideal candidate and that you are getting the right treatment, faster. Additionally, while prolotherapy is a natural solution, some of the ingredients in the injection might react to certain prescribed medications or conditions, so a proper workup is advised.  

Ongoing Treatment

It's important to keep in mind that prolotherapy is a treatment option that will generally require ongoing treatment. While that's not to say that you will need to have the injections administered for the rest of your life, providers will generally perform a serious of injections over a set period, such as over 6 months.

Typically, the more extensive the tendon damage, the longer the course of treatment. However, once this period is over, you should experience long-term benefits for your pain and mobility concerns. 

As with any other treatment plan, every solution does not meet the needs of every person. It's always advised that you speak with a professional to determine if prolotherapy is right for you. Contact resources like Natural Terrain Natropathic Clinic for more information.